InsurgencyUSA Podcast – Episode 7 – What the HELL is Going on in Chicago!

I’m Zach D Roberts and this week on the Visu.News’ InsurgencyUSA podcast I’m joined by my co-host Aaron Cynic where we discuss the weeks news as decided by us. As we record this Donald J. Trump has been president 331 days.

Wherein Aaron Cynic discusses the ‘nightmare’ that is Chicago, putting his life at risk (jk). Both Zach and Aaron complain about how the Democrats just seem unable to get anything right.

Chicago Tribune – Trump on Chicago: ‘A disaster’ ‘Out of control,’ ‘Not good!’ … ‘It’s a great city’

Buzzfeed: Doug Jones Doesn’t Think Trump Should Resign Because Of Sexual Harassment Allegations

Greg Palast – Gov. McAuliffe, End New Jim Crow Voter Suppression Tactic

Chicago Tribune – Groups file lawsuit against Indiana’s new voter purge law

Check out our previous episode where we interviewed Greg Palast. 

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