InsurgencyUSA Podcast Episode 8 – Golfing to the Apocalypse

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This is the 8th episode of the InsurgencyUSA podcast – now for Visu.News. Joining me to discuss the headlines of the week is my cohost, journalist and photographer Aaron Cynic. As I record this we’re 343 days into the Trump administration. 42 of which has has been golfing at an expense of about one million dollars per round.

Trump (err I mean “someone”) Blocks the Media from Seeing Trump Golf

The Untold Opioid Epedemic

PR’s Coming Foreclosure crisis

Milo’s Edits

Sarah Mei on twitter did the original digging for the edits of Milo’s book, Dangerous from Simon & Schuster. Read her whole thread here:

emma steiner @surfbordt

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