Greg Palast On Keystone Pipeline & Voter Theft on Ep 6 of the InsurgencyUSA Podcast

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This week on the Visu.News’ InsurgencyUSA podcast, Aaron Cynic and I delve into the problem that is the New York Times – specifically their profile of a white supremacist. Zach did a dive into just who this man is that the Times warranted to call a “nazi sympathizer” who listens to NPR, read it here.

He’s the co-founder of the hate group The Traditionalist Workers Party whose members were causing havoc in Charlottesville, VA and Shelbyville TN. Head over to Visu.News for the full story from our co-founder.

But the big news is on the back half of the show, Zach interviews investigative journalist Greg Palast. Palast has an update on his investigation (watch it at Visu.News) into the safety of the Keystone Pipeline – spoilers – the occupiers were right all along. We also discuss the update to theĀ  film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy which is available now at this link for a donation to the Palast Investigative Fund.


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