VisuNews Podcast Ep 19: I Guess Elections Take a Month Now?

This is the 19th episode of the Visu.News podcast. I’m Zach D Roberts and I’m here with my co-host Aaron Cynic discussing the aftermath of the 2018 midterm elections. Donald J. Trump has been in office for one year and 321 days. Subscribe: Spotify  

VisuNews Podcast Ep 18: Lizz Winstead on the Golden Probes

You can read my full story and see more photos from the Golden Probes Awards at You can watch the Golden Probes for free at – the webcast begins at 8pm eastern and 5pm Pacific. Lizz Winstead: The Golden Probes are an annual event that we do every year, sort of going back to helping…

Episode 17 – Brooke Binkowski and Real News

Welcome to episode 17 of the Visu.News podcast, I am Zach D Roberts and this week I chat with fact-checker extraordinaire, Brooke Binkowski formerly the managing editor of about fake news and the future (and past) of journalism in a wide ranging conversation. This was recorded a couple of weeks ago so excuse the tenses….

No, Ocasio-Cortez Is NOT The Left’s Sarah Palin

Here’s episode sixteen of the Visu.News podcast. Jeanne Devon is the NY Times bestselling author of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years and most recently she co-authored with Bill Fulton the soon to be tv show – The Blood of Patriots: How I Took Down an Anti-Government Militia with Beer,…

VisuNews Podcast: Twitter Bans and Melting ICE

Welcome to episode 14 of the Visu.News podcast. We are one year and 167 days into the Donald J Trump presidency. This week co-founder and journalist Aaron Cynic and myself are chatting with Danielle Corcione about getting banned from social media sites, and the growing fight to abolish ICE. Quick footnote, Danielle was booted off…

Episode 11: Nazi’s Lose And Unions Win

Unions win and Nazi’s lose this week in the news. Subscribe on podbean, or on iTunes. This is the Visu.News podcast. This week my co-host Aaron Cynic and I talk about the two stories that we covered for Visu.News and But before we get into the news – I have to remind you As…

Visu.News Podcast: Greg Palast on Late Great Robert Parry

Investigative Journalist Greg Palast talks with me about the late great Bob Parry. Parry was behind some of the biggest investigations of the last half century.  Palast and I also talk about our film’s update which you can now watch for free on Amazon Prime.