Conviction Upheld in Murder of George Floyd

Photo of protester in Minneapolis holding a sign that states "1 Down 3 to go #Justiceforgeorge" by Zach D Roberts

Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin appealed his second degree murder conviction last year to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Chauvin appealed claiming that due to media coverage, he was unable to receive a fair trial. Today they refused his appeal.

Chauvin will serve an over 22-year sentence – 15 years behind bars and 7.5 on parole.

I covered the mass protests that happened around the country after Floyd was murdered. My first day on the ground in Minneapolis I ran into Charles McMillian, one of the people who witnessed the killing. Charles would later testify in the trial against Officer Chauvin, breaking down on the stand. 

Video of Charles McMillian in Minneapolis explaining what it was like to witness the murder of George Floyd

Zach D Roberts covered the George Floyd protests from the ground in 2020 for Visu.News, traveling from Minneapolis, Washington DC, Rochester and more. You can support his continued coverage of the protest movements by donating at PaypalVenmo (ZDRoberts) or cashapp ($ZDRoberts) or monthly at where you’ll get Zach’s podcast interviews with authors and journalists.

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