Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson has a sad day in Albany

Originally Published in It’s been a hell of a week for Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson. First, he gets sued for a million dollars and then his “big” anti-choice rally in Albany, NY is a bust. The “Pro-Life rally for the innocent in NY” as it was promoted on Patriot Prayer’s facebook page was organized…

Visu.News Podcast Ep. 27 – Abortion, Proud Boys and more

We’re back, don’t really have any excuses for not doing our usual every 2-week podcast except shit happens and we’re busy people (that’s a lie, Aaron’s busy and I’m a lazy SOB). This week Aaron Cynic and I discuss abortion politics, the 2020 campaign and white nationalists…. pretty sure there we talked about some other…

30 Years of Exxons Oil in Alaska’s Waters

Several years ago Shannyn Moore, Jeanne Devon and I went out to Prince William Sound [read the post from Jeanne Devon] on an assignment from BBC World Service. We were sent for the odd request that could only come from an international news agency like the BBC… gather sound. They didn’t need video, or pictures,…

Kris Kobach Possible Appointment for Immigration Czar

Greg Palast for When the young Kris Kobach created a computer system for the Department of Homeland Security that secretly tracked visiting Muslims, President George W. Bush was so offended that he personally ordered the racially offensive program shut down. And now Kobach may have power over that Department and all others dealing with…

VisuNews Podcast Ep 26: Chicago Elections, Socialism and more

Zach D Roberts and Aaron Cynic discuss the Chicago mayoral elections and the five to six Democratic Socialists that won seats on the city council. Aaron has been covering the elections for, Third Coast Review and You can subscribe to the Visu.News at Spotify, iTunes and Podbean.

VisuNews Editor on Jesse Jackson’s Keep Hope Alive

This past weekend I was on Keep Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson chatting about the North Carolina 9th district and one of the most clear cut cases of election fraud I’ve ever seen.  I was joined by investigative journalist Greg Palast in the second hour.

Moveon Protests Trump’s Fake Emergency at the White House

Originally published at It’s been a long two years since President Trump’s first “emergency” – which was the so-called “Muslim Ban.” Thousands of people responded immediately across the country, headed to major airports to protest and provide support for the people coming in that might be stopped on their entry into the United States….


We’re going live as soon as the State of the Union and the Democratic response from Stacey Abrams response is over. You can subscribe to the Visu.News at Spotify, iTunes and Podbean. Support Visu.News on and at

VisuNews Episode 25: WTHIGOIC Part 3

Subscribe: Spotify, iTunes, Podbean What the HELL is going on in Chicago PART 3! Aaron gives me the run down of the ridiculous series of events happening in Chicago right now from the weathering to the social media investigators trying to create bullshit around the racist attack on Jussie Smollett. Chicago’s record for coldest temperature ever could fall…

Episode 24: THIS IS FINE

Subscribe: Spotify, iTunes, Podbean Wherein Aaron Cynic and I chat about the madness of the week focusing on the massive purge of media jobs. As HuffPost and BuzzFeed shed staff, has the digital content bubble burst? The digital winter turns apocalyptic How Chicago’s ‘J-school of the Streets’ Is Reinventing Local News