Stacey Abrams Appears on Star Trek: Discovery

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Georgia gubernatorial candidate and voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams has made a short appearance on Paramount TV’s Star Trek: Discovery. It’s only a brief moment but she plays the Earth’s President, watch below.

The episode titled “Coming Home” is the conclusion for the fourth season of the Paramount+ show. The showrunner and executive producer Michelle Paradise told Deadline:

We knew that she was a fan of the show and of Trek in general, and for us, there was no one better to be that President. Alex and I reached out to her, and she was kind enough to get on a Zoom with us. We pitched her the very basics of that part of the season – just that Earth would rejoin (she didn’t want spoilers, so we shared just enough to give her context) – and then talked to her about who this character is and what she represents. We asked if she’d be interested and she was kind enough to say yes.

Abrams when not running for elected office is an author with many books under the name of Selena Montgomery.

She’s going to have a tough run ahead of her as her likely contender, is incumbent Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who has had a solid lead in the polls. Former US Senator David Perdue is also in the race but has been polling around 10 points behind Kemp.

Abrams also needs to contend with the considerable number of voting restrictions that the Republican-led legislature in Georgia has passed recently.

Zach D Roberts is a photojournalist and freelance documentary news producer. You can find his work at and here at Visu.News.

Greg Palast is working on a new documentary about Georgia – be sure to check out the trailer:

280 years ago, two Georgia dynasties, the forebears of Governor Brian Kemp and (defeated) Senator David Perdue, overcame George’s prohibition of slavery and convinced King George to grant them powers to bring Africans in chains to establish the plantation system. Georgia is still a plantation state. But instead of the hanging rope, it’s lynching by laptop; though Brian Kemp has introduced much more direct means of terror, using the Georgia Bureau of investigation as a new voting KGB.

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