VisuNews Editor on Jesse Jackson’s Keep Hope Alive

This past weekend I was on Keep Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson chatting about the North Carolina 9th district and one of the most clear cut cases of election fraud I’ve ever seen.  I was joined by investigative journalist Greg Palast in the second hour.

Moveon Protests Trump’s Fake Emergency at the White House

Originally published at It’s been a long two years since President Trump’s first “emergency” – which was the so-called “Muslim Ban.” Thousands of people responded immediately across the country, headed to major airports to protest and provide support for the people coming in that might be stopped on their entry into the United States….


We’re going live as soon as the State of the Union and the Democratic response from Stacey Abrams response is over. You can subscribe to the Visu.News at Spotify, iTunes and Podbean. Support Visu.News on and at

VisuNews Episode 25: WTHIGOIC Part 3

Subscribe: Spotify, iTunes, Podbean What the HELL is going on in Chicago PART 3! Aaron gives me the run down of the ridiculous series of events happening in Chicago right now from the weathering to the social media investigators trying to create bullshit around the racist attack on Jussie Smollett. Chicago’s record for coldest temperature ever could fall…

Episode 24: THIS IS FINE

Subscribe: Spotify, iTunes, Podbean Wherein Aaron Cynic and I chat about the madness of the week focusing on the massive purge of media jobs. As HuffPost and BuzzFeed shed staff, has the digital content bubble burst? The digital winter turns apocalyptic How Chicago’s ‘J-school of the Streets’ Is Reinventing Local News

Another Kris Kobach Loss: Illinois Leaves ‘Jim Crow’ Voter Purge Program

Originally published by One by one the network of states signed up to the voter list maintenance program that Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Reverend Joseph Lowery calls “Jim Crow all over again,” have been leaving for less racist pastures. On Tuesday, according to ABC Heart of Illinois, Illinois State Board of Elections voted unanimously, eight to zero,…

Women’s March survives and thrives in LA

Originally printed at In 2017 the first set of Women’s Marches were considered the largest single-day protest of all time in the US. The three largest cities were Washington DC with over a million, Chicago with 250,00 and Los Angeles with 750,000. Three years later the numbers may be a bit smaller but for…

Let Them Eat Wall

Frigid temperatures didn’t stop federal workers and others from showing up to Federal Plaza in Chicago on Thursday to protest the continuing shutdown of the government over President Donald Trump’s border wall. The shutdown, which began before Christmas, entered its 22nd day on Saturday, and is now the longest in American history. “Federal workers and…

VisuNews Podcast Episode 23: Politics and Comedy with Nato Green

  Subscribe: Spotify, iTunes, Podbean This is episode 23 of the Visu.News podcast. This week I’m here with activist, comedian and writer Nato Green. He’s one of my favorite comedians working today and has recently released the fantastic Whiteness Album out now from Blonde Medicine Records – you can find it on all streaming platforms.   iTunes…

VisuNews Ep. 22: Trump’s 8 Minutes in Border Wall Heaven

Subscribe: Spotify, iTunes, Podbean Well, the border wall speech is over and the country hasn’t been placed under martial law, and Trump didn’t resign. We’re not just left with the same old status, the media got played by letting Trump get 8mins (really? only 8mins?) of free airtime to spout racist bullshit and a continual…