DC Police Throw Anti-fascist as Fascist March

A local DC antifascist activist was on the scene with a small group of allies protesting the Patriot Front’s march through the nation’s Capitol. The DC police tripped and threw the man. DC Police attempted to do the same thing to me… but I’m a bit sturdier… and probably have 75lbs on the other guy….

Fascists March on Washington DC, With Help of Police

Saturday, February, 8th in Washington DC150 fascists marched from Arlington, VA over a bridge past the Lincoln memorial past the African American history museum and then rallied in front of the US Capitol.

‘They want to undo the #Metoo Movement:’ The people unite against Kavanaugh

Three hundred similar gatherings took place across the country, according to the organizers, including a wide number of groups like the Women’s March, ACLU and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Zach D. Roberts / NationofChange / News Report/Originally published  October 4, 2018 As I write this Wednesday night, the FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh is concluding…

[Photos] March For Our Lives in Washington DC

Last Saturday NationofChange.org sent me to Washington DC to cover what would end up being one of the largest protests in American history.  800,000 students, parents and just plain Americans took to the nations Capitol to make their feelings known on the governments inability to work towards reasonable gun reform. They made a lot of…

A Call for a New Congress

Photos and text by: Danielle Corcione On September 16th and 17th, the People’s Congress of Resistance project – a call to form a new congress – met at Howard University. Their message was that the US Congress no longer represented them:  The United States Congress does not represent the people who live and work in the…