Uvalde Mayor and City Councilmember Calls Media Chicken & Chickenshit

The Uvalde City Council meetings have been quite a shit show for the last couple weeks as they continue to attack the media and anyone who criticizes them. This evening the Mayor called the media who released video of the police response “chicken.” He claims they were planning on releasing the video to the families of the murdered children first, sans a short clip of the gunman inside the school. A citiy councilman followed up with saying that they were “chickensh*t.”

The video, which you can watch at the Statesman shows the police making a short attempt at taking the gunman and then retreating – waiting for over an hour, checking their phones, even using hand sanitizer that was attached to the wall.

Watch the full meeting here, this clip happens about 14mins in: https://uvaldetx.civicweb.net/document/16034/?splitscreen=true&media=true

Here is the video release in question via the Austin American-Statesman.

Trigger Warning: police with guns, implied violence, and sounds of gunshots

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