Nobody Is Protected – Interview with author Dr. Reece Jones

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This episode of the Visu.News podcast – I speak with author Dr. Reece Jones who has a new book out this week, titled Nobody is Protected: How the Border Patrol Became the Most Dangerous Police Force in the United States.

Nobody is Protected is a book that couldn’t have come and a more vital time – with the recent Supreme Court case Egbert v. Boule that solidifies that the Border Patrol is above the law when it comes to the violence that it commits. In the book, Jones weaves court cases and experiences of victims of the Border Patrol’s extreme overreach of power. To say that it’s a must read is an understatement.

From the publisher description: [Nobody is Protected] is the untold story of how, through a series of landmark but largely unknown decisions, the Supreme Court has dramatically curtailed the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution in service of policing borders. The Border Patrol exercises exceptional powers to conduct warrantless stops and interrogations within one hundred miles of land borders or coastlines, an area that includes nine of the ten largest cities and two thirds of the American population.

Dr. Reece Jones is also the author of White Borders: The History of Race and Immigration in the United States from Chinese Exclusion to the Border Wall a Guggenheim fellow and a professor and the chair of the Department of Geography and Environment at the University of Hawai’i.

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