VisuNews Podcast: Jackson’s Water Crisis with Laurie Bertram Roberts

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This is a new bi-weekly special for the Visu.News podcast where we check in on activists across the country – especially ones in quote-unquote “RED STATES.” These are some of the most badass activists around – they’re not just fighting for their causes with passion and way too little money… if any, but also fighting for them within a local political structure that does everything in their power to stop them. AAAND now on top of that, they’re dealing with the scorn of people like Michael Moore, Keith Olberman, and other libs who lay blame on them for the state-wide politics that they live in. I know I’ve been guilty of such terrible opinions in the past but talking to people working on the ground in such states changed that stupid idea.

In this episode, we’re talking to Laurie Bertram Roberts who is one such badass organizer. Laurie is Co-founder of the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund and Executive Director of the Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama. She’s currently working those two jobs AND dealing with the repercussions of the deep freeze that hit much of the South last month. Much of Jackson, Mississippi where she calls home is still recovering, trying to get their cities water system back to normal. Much of the city has a boil order and some don’t even have water coming out of their pipes. Listen in to why there’s a larger story in this winter crisis and where much of the blame really lies.

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