Koch Founded FreedomWorks Under Threat from MAGA Die Hards

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FreedomWorks, the organizers of this event at the Southern Cooking restaurant in McDonough, Georgia on December 5th, 2020, is a Koch Brothers-founded organization that was instrumental in pushing the Tea Party back in 2010. The Tea Party, once famous for having its supporters show up at town halls of Republicans heckling them from the right, is having a problem at their own meetings, where members of the die-hard MAGA / Stop the Steal crowd continues the tradition.

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs speech was focused on getting out the vote for the January 5 runoff election, but the audience wanted to talk about something else… their sentiment reflected many in Georgia who’ve threatened elected leaders in recent days — if the Trump die-hards don’t get their way.

“If you’re not going to stand up for the American people, then we’re coming for you. The American people are coming for you guaranteed. This country is at a boiling point… I fought for this country. I’m a combat veteran. I spent 13 years in the Army myself. I am not about to lay down and let communist China or anyone else come in here and take our country over,” said one audience member, sporting a red “Trump 2020 / MAGA” baseball cap.“If all else fails, we will perform like every other country out there that has gone after dictators Cuomo in New York. DeBlasio, all of them that are dictators, Whitmer in Michigan. We will drag you from the office and this country… Patriots are standing up and we’re not stupid. We’re coming for you.”

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