The Fight for the (rotting) Soul of the Republican Party

The fight over what’s left of the soul of the Republican Party – moves from DC to Georgia with the far right continuing to rally for Trump. The Stop the Steal campaign in much much smaller numbers rallied in front of the Governor’s mansion in Atlanta Thursday evening. 

As I rolled by the rally – a Christian white nationalist and anti-immigrant named Nick Fuentes was speaking to his ‘groypers’ chanting USA! USA! Later he threatened that if the GOP, Governor Kemp in particular didn’t push to give Trump another four years he’d start his own party called ‘America First.’

The small group of 30 or so, was made up partially by Alex Jones’ security and camera crew which was taking it’s ‘caravan’ back to Austin from Washington DC’s MAGA rally. 

Jones was joined by regular inforwars guest Right-wing disinformation artist and Roger Stone confidant Ali Alexander who is the ‘national organizer of the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign. 

Alex Jones left the mansion grounds via a large black SUV guarded by security and followed by his armored truck. 

The recount ended Thursday night finding once again that Joe Biden won the vote in Georgia. 

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