Photos from the Picket Line in Rochester – Midnight

Mike Elk and I have been on the picket line for the last week speaking to union workers who are on strike from their jobs at GM.  Our first stop was in Rochester, NY.

When you think of union autoworkers you think Detroit, maybe Ohio… but thousands are employed by GM and other auto manufacturers in Western New York. Even more were once employed in the auto parts sector, by Delphi and Delco but that’s a whole different story which I’ll write up for in the coming days. Until then you can read Palast’s and my report from 2012 about how now Senator to Utah, Mitt Romney made millions from the shipping of 25,000 union jobs to China thanks to a triumvirate of vulture fund billionaires.

But back to Rochester’s picket line. The GM auto parts plant is a small one on the scale of other states but their enthusiasm was unchecked. Ready for the long haul that this strike might be they were standing strong – and sometimes standing in front of their plant bosses cars trying to leave. Check out Mike Elk and I’s videos on youtube but here’s a small collection of the photos I took in our two days there. 


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