UAW on Strike: “Trump is no friend to labor”

For once a story I don’t need to drive 5 hours to cover – I’m here in Rochester, NY at a GM auto parts plant.

12 am passes and officially this plant is on strike. About 30mins later dozens of United Auto Workers walk out off the line. Tens of thousands of GM employees across the country are officially off of work as GM and the UAW were unable to reach a deal for a continued contract. With news, this big one might normally expect a tweet from the President opining about how big labor is bad, or hell even how the auto companies got a bailout and thus should get people back to work…. but nothing. Either he doesn’t want to piss off Ohioans or he’s too distracted with the situation in Saudi Arabia and mulling a way with Iran.

That said, the UAW 1097 President Dan Maloney isn’t hoping or waiting for a message from the President who he said “is no friend to labor.”

Please watch this short clip from Mike Elk’s interview with Dan Maloney at 1am along the picket line outside of the GM plant in Rochester, NY.

Side note… the local newspaper has yet to produce a single story on this strike.

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