VisuNews Podcast Ep 18: Lizz Winstead on the Golden Probes

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You can watch the Golden Probes for free at – the webcast begins at 8pm eastern and 5pm Pacific.

Lizz Winstead: The Golden Probes are an annual event that we do every year, sort of going back to helping folks learn about state and local politicians. We were like, how do we really get people to understand the crucial nature of state and local politics, but also that nobody really lives in a bubble. So we thought, let’s take an award show format, hence the Golden Probes, that’s a take up on the Golden Globes… and then let’s dig around and find sound bites from people holding office and running for reelection or running for office who have decided that the reason they’re doing it is because they literally want to end abortion in their states or end access to birth control or are just virulently anti LGBTQ people. So we take these sound bites and then we put them into these beautiful frameworks like they show best actor clip in the Oscars and then we come up with categories that are funny, like best original science, best adaptation of reality. 

I’m Zach D Roberts and this week on episode 18 of the VisuNews podcast we have comedian and activist Lizz Winstead chatting with me about the Golden Probes award ceremony that her group Lady Parts Justice is premiering Sunday October 28th at and the state of reproductive rights in America.

Lizz is the author of Lizz Free of Die, the co-creator of the Daily Show and the founder of the reproductive rights group Lady Parts Justice.

We are One year and 278 days into the Presidency of Donald J Trump.

Lizz Winstead introduces the Golden Probesin NYC

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