Podcast: Black Lightning, The TV Show We Need Right Now

This is the first in likely many politics in entertainment podcasts that Visu.News will do. A crossover with the film and tv podcast Emerald City Video hosted by Russ Burlingame. I’m a regular guest on the show and Russ and I work together often for the site Comicbook.com.

Black Lightning is a new superhero show on The CW, it will air along with The Flash, SuperGirl and CW League of Legends. It’s considerably different though. While SuperGirl occasionally delves into politics and the news Black Lightning will live in it. There’s no doubt the show will be tagged a Black Lives Matter advertisement by those that don’t watch it. But it’s not.

You can check out Russ’ full review of the show at Comicbook.com and mine will be coming soon. As I’m posting this the first episode of the show is airing on The CW on the East Coast. If you haven’t watched the show yet – I recommend doing it first – but the video below doesn’t have any significant spoilers. At least not any that you wouldn’t be able to see or read in any standard review.

Without further ado – check out two white guys talking about this very awesome show.

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