InsurgencyUSA Podcast – War Crimes in Afghanistan, Interview with Sarah Kay

This is the 4th episode of the InsurgencyUSA podcast – now for Visu Dot news.

We’re back after a long hiatus I’ve got a new team of people that will be joining me now and then on this podcast either co-hosting or just joining me to talk about a story they’ve covered. More to come on that soon.

As I record this we’re 298 days into the Trump administration. Like any week in the past year there’s a lot of stories breaking here’s a few that I think you need to read.

1. The Daily Beasts KEVIN MAURER, SPENCER ACKERMAN are breaking the story behind the coverup of the killing of a Green Beret in Mali by his fellow troops.

Read more here

2. The Atlantic’s JULIA IOFFE has uncovered messages between Wikileaks and the President’s son Donald Trump Jr. that as Ioffe writes: “The messages show WikiLeaks, a radical transparency organization that the American intelligence community believes was chosen by the Russian government to disseminate the information it had hacked, actively soliciting Trump Jr.’s cooperation.”

Read more here.

3. The Guardians SAM LEVIN is reporting that Facebook’s moves to stop fake news on their site are “too little too late.” Or at least that’s what the people Zuckerberg has brought on to do fact-checking and monitoring of trends and stories that are shared on the site say. Levin writes:

Journalists working for Facebook say the social media site’s fact-checking tools have largely failed and that the company has exploited their labor for a PR campaign.

Several fact checkers who work for independent news organizations and partner with Facebook told the Guardian that they feared their relationships with the technology corporation, some of which are paid, have created a conflict of interest, making it harder for the news outlets to scrutinize and criticize Facebook’s role in spreading misinformation.

Read more here.

In other podcasts news – please head over to to check out the discussion about the death of the Gothamist Network with Aaron Cynic and Tyler Laviere both formerly permalancers with the hyper local news site. Aaron will be joining this podcast as occasional co-host in the coming weeks.

But this week we’re joined once again by human rights lawyer and Visu.News contributor Sarah Kay. She joins us to discuss a little covered news story in international law that just dropped last week. The International Criminal Court is seeking to investigate and try the US for war crimes in Afghanistan. But I’ll let her explain all that.

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