Murfreesboro Prepares for White Lives Matter

Murfreesboro boards up windows and prepares for the hurricane of white supremacists that will be descending on their town Saturday. I talked to multiple residents throughout the day and all of them were planning on staying home – and hoping for rain.

#MurfreesboroLoves has become a symbol for the town as they prepare for white supremacists rallies in their town.

As most businesses in the town center of Murfreesboro set to close for the Saturday protests, a local cafe takes the moment to promote fellow businesses.
All the businesses around the center of Murfreesboro are closing for Saturday during the #WhiteLivesMatter rally.
A local business becomes a message board (literally).


Murfreesboro Police are preparing along with the local businesses in the town center.
Like in Ferguson local businesses are making t-shirts calling for solidarity.


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