The International Association of Chiefs of Police Comes to Philadelphia

Photos and text by: Danielle Corcione

The International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference began on Saturday, October 22 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Approximately 14,000 are expected to attend the conference until it ends on Tuesday the 24.

Local activists and organizers came together for a weekend of oppositionary protests, called Disrupt IACP, under a unifying theme: police abolition.

The first action of the day was a protest, beginning outside of the Frank Rizzo statue in Thomas Paine Plaza across from City Hall, on Saturday morning. The protest planned to end outside of the Convention Center, where there was a second rally planned at noon by the Philadelphia Coalition for REAL Justice. The organization reported at least four demonstrators were arrested and many were assaulted, during and after the rally. All were released by Sunday morning.

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Philly Socialist organizer begins chants outside of the Frank Rizzo statue in Thomas Paine Plaza.
Protestors march with a banner, which reads “DEFEND J20 FIRE PETER NEWSHAM.”
Law enforcement follows demonstrators along their route.
Protestors march north, in the opposite direction of City Hall, on Broad Street.
One masked demonstrator shouts a chant while another records on their iPhone.
Philly Socialist organizer chants at law enforcement creating a blockade.
Protestors march towards the Pennsylvania Convention Center holding a banner which reads, “STUDENTS FOR POLICE ABOLITION.”
Law enforcement blocks off a street to protestors using their bikes.

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