Cable News FINALLY Has Expert on to Talk Extremists

In a week of news that necessitated the information that experts that cover domestic extremism, and far-right politics the US Cable news networks went for their woefully inept “terrorism” experts. One on MSNBC tried to make direct comparisons of the boogaloo militia to ISIS. A standard comparison that is made by people that seem to ignore the incredible number of differences but love to say things like “ya’llqueda.”

ISIS is an extreme religious based group that is trying to start a caliphate and the boogaloo ‘movement’ is a completely disorganized online/meme based movement that wants a stateless world and is usually often atheist. (Obviously, I’m making wide generalizations on both fronts but, hopefully you get the point)

Thankfully, one of MSNBC’s guest bookers did some research. Lawrence O’Donnell had researcher and author Kathleen Belew on to discuss the US militia movement and their decidedly ANTI-democratic (small d) sentiments. The clip below is about 6mins and in my opinion worth a watch. Belew is the author of the excellent Bring the War Home which delves into the military’s connected to white extremism.

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