Photos from Lancaster, PA’s Protest Against Police Violence

Lancaster, PA – May 31, 2020

Text by Zach D Roberts, Photos by Paige Durborow

Most of the coverage of the protests that have sprung up across the nation after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police officers while in their custody have been of larger cities. But even smaller towns have seen incredible numbers of people marching into the streets, some even breaking curfew in defiance of the police. For example, Anchorage, Alaska just held a protest with around 1000 people.

Visu.News photographer, Paige Durborow sends in these images from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on May 31st, 2020. Paige reports that there nearly 1000 people marching in memory of George Floyd and that they’ve been taking to the streets or rallying every day, and nearly every hour for the last 4 days.

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