UAW Vote in Chattanooga is Close

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Earlier this month I worked with Mike Elk of for – we got some really interesting behind the scenes stories about the United Auto Workers union vote and why there might just still be hope for a union at the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.

We talked with several anti-union voters who expressed that they would be interested in unionizing – but specifically noted that did not want the UAW.  They sadly would not go on the record for this video. One anti-union worker noted to Mike Elk that ‘this was the best job he ever had’ at 16 bucks an hour and was terrified of losing it. The anti-union campaign put a lot of fear into the workers at the VW plant that unionization would mean that the plant would close – connecting UAW to Detroit. Never mind that what has become of Detroit is a lot more complicated than unions pushing for better labor conditions and wages for workers. But facts aren’t that important to dark money.

Can’t thank Emily Molli enough for making this piece better and assigning me to it for her new site, Subverse. Please head over and give the youtube channel a like. I’m hoping to do a lot more work for them in the future. It’s rare that you can actually do more than a short web video on news like this, thirteen minutes of interviews, and commentary is huge. Please share this piece widely – the more views this piece has the more likely that Subverse will ask for more pieces like this from Mike and I.

I of course also took stills when I wasn’t shooting video, here’s a small selection of the images I grabbed in the middle of interviews.


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