WATCH: 92yo Woman Blocked from Voting in Georgia

Mrs. Lawrence is 92 years old, has been “voting right here since 1968,” the year Martin Luther King was shot. Today, her vote registration has vanished, no record she EVER voted. Brian Kemp’s purge machine strikes without warning, no notice sent. No points for guessing Grandma Lawrence is African-American. 3
Granddaughter Jessica can stop her tears, standing in the rain, crying.  “It’s horrible, …she held civil rights meetings in her home…and they had no record of her.  She was here on the West End when we couldn’t….” She can’t get out the words, “couldn’t vote.”
“And today not being able to come out and vote…It’s extremely emotional.  And it BOTHERS me. Bothers me to my core.”  And she apologizes for her tears. “I’m sorry.”
But it’s Brian Kemp who should be sorry.  We met Mrs. Lawrence after escorting Rahiem Shabazz to the same voting station.  They told him he couldn’t vote either.  So they gave him a provisional ballot.  Kemp has already ruled Rahiem’s vote won’t be counted.  He’s asked me whether he can go to federal court to get the vote counted.  I called our lawyers.  Yes.  This is 2018, not 1958.
Is this how you want to win your elections, Mr. Kemp.  No, it’s not Jim Crow. It’s Dr. James Crow, database expert.
40,134 voters purged illegally by Kemp, Secretary of State in charge of the election—and running for election as Governor against Stacey Abrams.

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