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I’ve been covering resistance movements in America since I became a photojournalist. Before that I was an activist, and organized several Bush era protests in Upstate NY. I covered the 2004 GOP convention protests in NYC, anti-war protests, and more. When Occupy Wall Street came about I was there the first day and was beaten and arrested along with dozens of others over its far too short run.

The past two years have been something else all together. The more mainstream left has taken lessons from OWS and farther left movements, Trump has galvanized us together.

While the #resistance is often mocked on the left, I take a wider view of it. We’re all the resistance. We may not agree on the end goal… or how far to go but we all have a common thread, a movement towards justice. Some just want a Democratic Party controlled congress, some want Trump impeached and some want the whole damn system over thrown. I’m not partisan. Not a registered anything – other than a registered voter.

I’m a supporter of the resistance. Some may say admitting that is bad journalism, but journalism is vital to any movement.

My goal with this book and the postcards (and I have some ideas for expanded reach rewards) is to be able to give something to people that they can share and put on their shelf to remember the time America stood up… and subsidize my continued journalism. PBS does the tote bag. I’m doing a book and postcards (I might do a tote bag too).

To do:

The images all are taken and edited, the journalism in the book needs to be edited by a copy editor (I’ve got a great one – if you seen any mistakes here, she’s not copy editing my kickstarter copy) and the final version of the book designed (I’ve got one of the best designers in the biz).

The interviews will be finalized over the next two weeks, and I’ll update you on confirmed names.


Postcards will be mailed out the week of the conclusion of the kickstarter and the books will be mailed out the first two weeks in December in time for holiday presents.

Postcard Images:



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