White Supremacists Who Attacked DeAndre Harris in Charlottesville Given Years in Jail

The slow march of Charlottesville justice continues as Jacob Goodwin has now been given 8 years in prison, 2 suspended.

According to Tyler Hammel of the Pulitzer Prize winning Charlottesville paper The Daily Progress, “Goodwin, from Arkansas, was sentenced to 10 years in prison with two years suspended, as well as a $5,000 fine and 20 years of good behavior, which includes no contact with Harris.”

That’s best for Harris who has since had to flee the area, leave his career and contend not only with healing from the brutal August 12th 2017 attack but also a tremendous number of death threats.  Goodwin can be seen in the gif below in the back of the group of white supremacists attacking Charlottesville area resident DeAndre Harris. He was wearing a helmet, goggles and holding a large law enforcement style shield – prepared to do battle.

Also given sentencing today is Alex Ramos, the man in the read MAGA hat in the photo’s I took that day. Alex Ramos has been handed a 6 year sentence with three years suspended and three years probation according to CVille local activist Molly who is in the courtroom.

To read more about Goodwin, Ramos and the others awaiting final sentencing check out my reporting at Nationofchange.org

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