Voter Vigilante group on trial in Georgia

Earlier this month a US District Court Judge in Georgia said that a lawsuit brought by the voting rights organization founded by Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight Action against True the Vote, a Texas group founded by Tea Party crusader Catherine Engelbrecht will be heading to trial. The Fair Fight suit looks to stop True the…

Uncovered: Illegal Attack on 364,000 Georgia Voters

Greg Palast – originally published at Support Visu.News on Patreon Become a Patron! Pamela Reardon wants to stop Tamara Horne from voting. Reardon of Marietta, Georgia who is running for Vice-Chair of the state Republican Party, has filed a legal challenge to Horne’s vote — one of 32,379 voters in Cobb County Reardon has challenged…

VisuNews Editor on Jesse Jackson’s Keep Hope Alive

This past weekend I was on Keep Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson chatting about the North Carolina 9th district and one of the most clear cut cases of election fraud I’ve ever seen.  I was joined by investigative journalist Greg Palast in the second hour.

VisuNews Podcast Ep 19: I Guess Elections Take a Month Now?

This is the 19th episode of the Visu.News podcast. I’m Zach D Roberts and I’m here with my co-host Aaron Cynic discussing the aftermath of the 2018 midterm elections. Donald J. Trump has been in office for one year and 321 days. Subscribe: Spotify  

Greg Palast and Jesse Jackson Are Suing Kris Kobach

Originally published in Anyone following my and Greg Palast’s work will likely already knows the answer. For the last four years  been on the trail of Kobach and his voter purge lists – so after dozens of FOIA’s, thousands of miles of on the road and more airline miles than Trump has racked up…