Isolated Incidents Ep 1: Alex Jones is F*cked.

Become a Patron! This is the first-ever episode of the Isolated Incidents podcast. A monthly dive into the stories that journalists have put out covering the world of far-right and the grifters that inhabit it. When I first came up with the idea it was before the pandemic so I didn’t think to necessarily cover…

Around the Lens Podcast – Stop and Think

Become a Patron! Support our work via PayPal The Around the Lens podcast that David J Murphy and I founded many years ago is BACK! It’s still the podcast where we talk about photojournalism with other photographers but we’re not making a conscious effort to expand it out to more of a (heh) visual look….

Marjorie Taylor Greene and GOP Right Blame Pelosi for January 6 Riot

Hold DC press events timed to distract from testimony inside Capitol Become a Patron! For [July 28, 2021: Washington, D.C.] Tuesday in Washington, D.C., did more to expose the divide in American politics than anything since January 6th. While inside the Capitol, Democrats were holding hearings on the January 6th insurrection, taking testimony from…

Charlottesville Takes Down Statues to Racists

After years of legal fights and actual brawls, the Confederate statues in Charlottesville have been taken down. The organizers of the Unite the Right rally will argue that it was the history connected to the 100 year old statues that caused them to organize in Charlottesville in 2017, not the racism. Anyone that was there…

Visu.News Podcast: Greg Palast on Late Great Robert Parry

Investigative Journalist Greg Palast talks with me about the late great Bob Parry. Parry was behind some of the biggest investigations of the last half century.  Palast and I also talk about our film’s update which you can now watch for free on Amazon Prime.