VisuNews Podcast Ep 19: I Guess Elections Take a Month Now?

This is the 19th episode of the Visu.News podcast. I’m Zach D Roberts and I’m here with my co-host Aaron Cynic discussing the aftermath of the 2018 midterm elections. Donald J. Trump has been in office for one year and 321 days. Subscribe: Spotify  

InsurgencyUSA Podcast Episode 8 – Golfing to the Apocalypse

Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Podbean: This is the 8th episode of the InsurgencyUSA podcast – now for Visu.News. Joining me to discuss the headlines of the week is my cohost, journalist and photographer Aaron Cynic. As I record this we’re 343 days into the Trump administration. 42 of which has has been golfing at an expense…