Visu.News publishes original news content from across the United States and assists other sites/news orgs in either hiring more photo/video people for assignments or finding funding for costs related to existing assignments. Visu.News then makes our content available to their platforms – much like Propublica does when it works with larger news organizations.

We’ll be applying for grants also looking to groups like unions or environmental orgs for support. We’ll also have a subscription base and a large store of products, like signed books from contributors and t-shirts.

Some of our current contributors:

Greg Palast // GregPalast.com, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Robin Marty // writer for Cosmopolitan.com, Rewire, Dame
Zach D Roberts // zdroberts.com, Desmogblog, NationofChange, Truthout
Aaron Cynic // writer and photographer, seen mostly at Chicagoist but others as well
Tyler LaRiviere // photographer for Chicagoist
Katie Klabusich // writer for TheEstablishment.co, Teen Vogue and many others
Emily Molli // video/photographer for RT, CCTV and many more
Russell Burlingame // entertainment writer, on-air personality for ComicBook.com
Jim Vondruska // photo/video for Thrillist, Zuma Wire Service


[Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder] Zach D Roberts is a photo/video journalist whose work has been published in the The New York Daily News, The Observer, The Guardian, TheNation.com, Al Jazeera America, Gawker and Newsweek.

I’m a photojournalist based in Upstate New York. For the past 10 years I’ve been on the trail covering social movements, investigating election theft and corporate crime – usually with 2 Nikons in tow. I’ve been to Ferguson, Euromaidan, OWS and at about a dozen different Trump rallies. Oh and at the conventions and at the inaugural.  I was beaten and trampled at Occupy, arrested there too. Had guns pointed at me in Ferguson and Charlottesville and was fed the best borscht on the planet by Ukrainians in Kiev.


Danielle Corcione is a freelance writer for Teen Vogue, Esquire, Vice, and more. Visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about their work. They also run a blog, the Millennial Freelancer, and a newsletter, Rejected Pitches.