Photojournalists on the Unite the Right Rally 3 Years on and more…

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This is a special crossover episode of the Visu.News and Around the Lens podcasts. We’re recording this on the third anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that ended in the death of Heather Heyer and severe injuries to dozens more. 

I’m here with a handful of photojournalists who were there that day discussing what has and hasn’t changed since then. Our conversation starts with the tiki torch march then on to the next day – the Unite the Right rally, August 12th. We then drift into chatting about how covering the far right has changed and discussing some of the new risks of working as a photojournalist covering protest. 

I apologize that I did not have each person do a proper intro of themselves, so I will list who is on the call in the order in which they spoke. You can find their socials and websites in the show notes.

Sandi Bachom is a freelance video journalist based in New York City with Getty and NowThisNews ( You can find her on Twitter and Instagram

John Rudoff is a freelance photojournalist with SIPA-USA and based in Portland ( You can find him Twitter and Instagram

Ford Fischer is an independent video journalist and co-founder of based in Washington DC. You can find him on Twitter and YouTube.

Emily Molli is a video and still journalist and founder of follow her work on Twitter and Instagram 

Michael Nigro is a freelance photojournalist and film director based in New York City. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram and his portfolio site here

And I’m Zach D Roberts a freelance photojournalist co-founder of Visu.News and  You can find me on Twitter and Instagram

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