COVID-19 Behind Bars – Interview w/ Adryan Corcione & Eli Sadoff

This week on the Visu.News podcast I chat with the creators of the website tracking cases of COVID-19 in people who are incarcerated. 

Around the time we recorded this interview in April, Chicago’s Cook County Jail had the highest concentration of cases of coronavirus in the US… and that’s with the majority of inmates not even being tested. You can track the known cases of COVID-19 at their site

Adryan Corcione, who is a Philadelphia-based freelance journalist focusing on drugs and policing. They are the TRANS BEHIND BARS columnist for Shadowproof. Their reporting has also appeared in Teen Vogue, Vice, Mic, MTV News, and more. Visit their website for more about their work. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Eli Sadoff (they/them) is a software developer and activist.

Not interviewed, but working on the project with Adryan and Eli is Donnie CoCo (they/she) – a Philadelphia-based artist, tattooer, and musician. Learn more about their work on Instagram. 

Support their work at

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