VisuNews Podcast: COVID-19 Edition

In this episode of the VisuNews podcast Aaron Cynic and Zach D Roberts chat about the nightmarish response from the federal government, how fucked freelancers are and how community mutual aid may be the only way that we survive this thing.

Please check out all the links below for ways to support people and keep yourself safe. If you have any links from your community please share them in the comments or DM them to Zach on twitter @ZDRoberts

Help for freelancers: 

Mutual Aid advice: 

Make your own hand sanitizer: 

Also from Wired: 

Money help for Freelancers: 

Chicago Help: 

What to do to help the Chicago service industry: 

The Charleston, South Carolina service industry has been hurting for a bit longer than a lot of other parts of the country due to having the virus discovered there early on – here’s an inventive way that they’re distributing money. Everytime you have a drink at home, you leave a tip and then it’s randomly distributed. 

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