Visu.News Podcast – Chicago Teachers Strike w/ special guests from Unicorn Riot

We’re back after a long unplanned hiatus that had both Aaron and myself covering picket lines. Aaron was in Chicago, of course covering the Chicago Teachers Union strike and I was mostly in Rochester covering the UAW/GM strike.

This episode we’re joined by two of the awesome people at the non-profit journalist collective, Unicorn RiotJon Ziegler and Lorenzo Serna, who have been covering the teacher’s strike in Chicago as well. Since we’ve all been doing this too long we end up diving into past coverage and comparing the current movements by unions to ones in the past.

Unicorn Riot is currently in a pledge drive to expand its coverage in 2020 and I’d really like it if you joined me in becoming a monthly donor to them. Click the link here –

Lorenzo will be speaking at the Peoples Forum in NYC on November 22nd at the “Media in Resistance” panel info here: 

You can find Unicorn Riot’s coverage at on their twitter feed and a handful of their many stories on the CTU strike here:

You can find links to Aaron Cynic’s coverage at and of course on his twitter.  

Aaron referenced a story in Block Club Chicago on strikers getting spat on by people in the Board Of Trade Building – here’s that link. 

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