VisuNews Ep. 22: Trump’s 8 Minutes in Border Wall Heaven

The parents of a kidnapped child begging the hostage takers not to kill their kid and just take the money.

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Well, the border wall speech is over and the country hasn’t been placed under martial law, and Trump didn’t resign. We’re not just left with the same old status, the media got played by letting Trump get 8mins (really? only 8mins?) of free airtime to spout racist bullshit and a continual stream of lies.

In episode 22 of the Visu.News podcast Aaron Cynic and Zach D Roberts chat about the Presidents rant but mainly the sad, pathetic response from the two top Democrats in the country Chuck and Nancy.

Here’s some of the sites that did a proper factcheck on the President’s fire and brimstone side chat. (Basically, Snopes but better.)



The New York Times

In case you missed it and realized that you hate yourself… here’s the Presidents address and then the Democrats response.

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