InsurgencyUSA Podcast Ep 9 – CPJ’s Press Oppressor Awards and DOJ’s Pot Decison Fucking w/ Veterans

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This is the InsurgencyUSA podcast on Visu.News and I am Zach D Roberts with my co-host journalist and photographer Aaron Cynic.
You can support the work of Zach at his patreon, here. And Aaron’s here.
We are currently 356 days into the Presidency of Donald J Trump.
If you want to read more about the CPJ‘s full list of award winners please head over to Visu.News where we have the full press release. Now on to Zach D Roberts’ discussion with author Bill Fulton on the DOJ’s current changes to how the federal government will prosecute people who use medical marijuana and it’s bi-products.
Bill Fulton is the co-author of The Blood of Patriots – and we will have a longer conversation with him on the book posted on Visu.News soon. So stay tuned.

Watch a segment of Visu.News’ interview with Bill about his book and in this segment discussing sovereign citizens.

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