STFU About Brazile’s Book And Get to Work

Editor’s rant: This is Zach D Roberts’ opinion and in no way should be representative of the others that work for this site. It’s very likely that at least one of the contributors are really pissed that I wrote this. And if you are, please submit a response. This is a team effort. 

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So, my understanding of most of your complaints about Donna Brazile’s book are

A: ‘It came out before an election in Virginia.’ Well if she had released it in three months you’d be complaining that it came out months before the mid-term… so really you just don’t want her to release it at all.

B: ‘She’s just saying all this to sell books.’ Yes, she’s trying to sell books, that’s usually why one writes a book to begin with. Would you rather her released it on a medium post that everyone can ignore and the media wouldn’t ever discuss? Every book I’ve ever worked on has gotten this complaint – that you’re doing it for a profit. Well… yeah. That’s why people do things in this country – for a profit, so that they can pay rent, buy food and such things. That’s a large part of the reason why I take photos, why people work at all… they don’t do it just for fun.

Whether you want to believe her allegations or not this cycle of news has shown that most people who identify as Democrats either don’t actually think that their party is in trouble or they think that it has nothing to do with them, or the candidate that they supported. They would rather tell Brazile, Warren, Clinton, Clinton’s staff, Bernie, Bernie’s supporters to just “STFU” and move on.

Well, ‘moving on’ gave us the Tea Party and Trump. You never fixed the party that was so broken during the Bush years that you all allowed us to get a candidate that was as bad as the one we have now.

Do with this as you might. Or, just STFU and get to work.

Here’s some ways you can get to work on fixing this whole thing:

Support Spread The Vote: It’s a group run by the awesome Kat Calvin that helps people get identification so that they can vote. Voter ID is bullshit, but for now it’s the law in a lot of states – Calvin’s group helps people get through the ridiculous legal chutes and ladders of the voting system. 

Support Greg Palast‘s work. Well, if you’re following this site you probably have a good idea of who Palast is and what he does – top notch investigative work on corporate crime, voter suppression and more. I work for him and co-produced his documentary The Best Democracy Money Can Buy – which has a new updated version coming out soon. 

The ACLU. Not sure why I need to explain this one – but specifically on voting rights the ACLU has been indispensable for my work on Crosscheck. 

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