Tiki Torches And The Silent Resistance

A group of 30 or so skinny anarchists, and BLM activists stood to confront hundreds of white supremacists holding torches. They were pepper sprayed and his with fuel from the torches that the “alt-right” protesters were carrying.


No members of political parties were there that I could see. I heard Cornel West was in town over at a chuch that was on lockdown. No one else was around but these young activists.

If half of the US doesn’t show up tomorrow, I consider the whole country a lost experiment and should be handed back to the Brits, or better the Natives.
We can do better (at least I hope we can) and need to do better. We need to confront this so-called movement head on. If we wait any longer it will be too late. This is an issue that has been slowly  building for decades now – ignored mostly be the media and the mainstream activist groups. We’ve labeled them as a small extreme minority. If our own history should prove anything is that a small group of people can make a drastic change – sometimes for the dreams of many, sometimes for their nightmares.
I’ll have more coverage on the planned protests tomorrow. But I wanted to share these photos immediately – unlike the odd and now standard back and forth of jousting matches that happen between the left and the right with people wearing weird costumes to brawl in the public square the march that happened Friday night – as seen in these photos was something else. It was a statement. One that only a handful of journalists were there to cover.
So Saturday when the big event hits social media, the airwaves and websites… please remember you saw what happened the night before. Share this post – show other people. This isn’t funny anymore. The torches, tiki or not, were a sign.

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