Welcome to Visu.News

Visu.News will have original visual news content from across the country. We will help other sites/news orgs either hire more photo/video people for assignments or share the costs the existing assignments. Visu.News will then share the content on their site – much like Propublica does when it works with larger news organizations.

We’ll be applying for grants, starting our own non-profit and also looking to groups to help us get started. If you have a group that would like to get involved, contact Zach Roberts (zdroberts@gmail.com), the co-founder and editor. We’ll also have a subscription base and a large store of products, like signed books from contributors and t-shirts.
Just some of the contributors that want to be involved are:
Greg Palast (The Best Democracy Money Can Buy)
Robin Marty (writer for Cosmopolitan.com, Rewire, Dame)
Zach D Roberts (zdroberts.com, Desmogblog, NationofChange, Truthout)
Aaron Cynic (writer/photog for Chicagoist.com)
Tyler LaRiviere (photog for Chicagoist)
Katie Klabusich (writer for TheEstablishment.co, Teen Vogue and many others)
Emily Molli (video/photographer for RT, CCTV and many more)
Russell Burlingame (entertainment writer, on-air personality for ComicBook.com)
Jim Vondruska (photo/video for Thrillist, Zuma Wire Service)

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